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Friday, June 11, 2004

martix when wil martix pilshopy be mainstrean

Friday, October 31, 2003

PDA os ? 

Do u think all geeks are libertarian/Andy Ryan/anarchist's?

why is it so few that develop new os to pdas as for desktops ? When its probely more market for normal ppl on pdas easy to make a distribution to

Friday, October 10, 2003

workplace spam and influnce from the underground  

IM happy that I don't live in America because they have made brave new world real on there work Looks like weblogs start to get mainstream just like all the deferent internet things that was by the boarsheet sayed that you could not trust it because nobody whit journalist educaion wrote it (forget the whole thing abut press release and spin doctor's in media ) or that it was just geeks and special interests guys that used it and could never have any indflunce on serious writhing or news producing and the tabloids that internet was Owen by sex living racists that teach kids how to blow up there schools

will welblogs copmment secion take over from email because of all spam
some kind of blogrolling/trackback system for comments just like different email system on different network in the begging of internet or are just internet get bigger and useless like software do ?

Wednesday, October 08, 2003




non hedline at all  

Will not this happen in a country that company's can do as they want ? But on the other hand maybe start to stop buying and just start to share there things and the companies have to raise prices so they can afford to buy before inda was a far away country now they do ther nigger work for hig tech companys all over the west but ppl still thik its far away and dont bother what happenig ther

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

geek on freenet or uneverstys 

How many % of the geeks make startup to earn mony/technical task and how many just start one too have fun and make eh political diy way ? Or do the real dity foks jusrt get paid buy different kind of Mafia too construct underground internet (that they probely have since they have something like a underground banking system )or have that increase after dot com end ?Why do so many companies need ventures why can't they do just like x Stanford students did before take ideas for rnd at the university's just that now they can take ideas and way to make them real from weblogs and mailing lists why have nobody tryed that (or sat least tryed it outside the west where it are less change of get sued why can't not the reqal smart geeks just get a office and net access and use it something like apple Xerox park did in the 70s? They have knowlgede and probely can outsmart the ssystem (special hardcore underground humans ) but maybe thats already what PhD geeks do in university's and just ger royalty's from ther patents (too much hassel to manage and dumb dowen to start a company ) or are they been doing there code form some place in caucaus or a beach in Cambodia do there work thuget freenet

Monday, October 06, 2003

free wirless places in portland >SW 10th & Wash - Heaven Cafe (PTP)
>Pioneer Square - Starbucks (PTP)
>SW Park & Clay - Starbucks (?) (PTP)
>SW 10th & Market - McMenamins Market St Pub (PTP)
>(just barely gets a signal)
>SW 5th & Lincoln - Candlelight Cafe & Bar (802.3 hookups)
>SE Powell & Milwaukie - Fireside (802.3 hookups)

Sue wifi and security 

Funny little thing i found on a malinglist (lawyers will love it )> They plan on turning a large portion of our wireless square into a ice
> skating rink....
> I can just see it now... A geek slams into the side and flips over the top
> landing on the bricks, cracking his skull open because he was surfing porn
> on his wireless handheld while skating... :-)

how long will it take before certran organization take over control and use intranets and wirlessn networks who will be reposnibel? get a ptriot act for comunety networks too ?

Sunday, October 05, 2003

difrence on rayn and punkin for pragmatics? 

hmm my Emil link don't work so her it is nyfikje at ziplip dot com how would colubmiba problems be fixed in a anarcho anarchist place would it not be a magnet for those bussnis to the nhibouercountrys ? And anarchist place would it not make what some call taz other call inner cyts where this kind of business's be done ? Would it be think tanks in left wing anarchists place i mean expert on engineers and computer have to discus thing and make reports i anarchy anarchist placers i guess they just make up a gated community of those principles instead what abut safty ?

PDA are not a office toy 

Why do companies complain that PDA sales fall is not the same reason that in the begging foks thought they could use PC as advance typewriters ? But what it really was was something unique like internet you can read a book on a PDA but maybe the real thing are that you can collect the best columnist around the world and the best writer in avntgo so you can always carry your newspaper for free and send comments or discuss whit experts abut them when you are at lucnh or drink coffee just bad that the Linux foks have not made any better avngo and so few weblogs support it are use PDA when traveling

bennetton spy on you  

anybody have any idea of why sombody want too hack benneton what to use the info too maybe adbuster want some geeks and not just artist oeking for them :)

Friday, October 03, 2003

goggel outisde usa and cash 

why have nobody maybe even a goverment start a competing goggel since it just reflect libertarian point of weie and mostely amaricna blogger ? why isnt it any wellknowen blogger like service in asia that are not owend by amaricans ? or is it and why do foks still use goggel when many know its weakness not using fast or ask jeevs?
if usa economy go bad and few will invest ther will tax havens in cariben go dowen too or end up like a more low key/specialsied services like jersy (pound was a big as dollar before 1930 ) and who will be the big players china that use hong kong as it wall strett or singapore that compete agisnt china and have its mony but a totaly difrent economy policy as usa ?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003


why do computer companys devlop sniffers in the first place ? or maybe those comaponyes are just cover companys used as a traning camp for pr and real life use for certain foks ... will the same happen whit wirless network stop and paying wirless network?

Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Biometric papsport but other id card is ok just show that money talks ther and security are just hype will that be the same in a libertarian state too ?They talk strasngekly abut security and free flow of cheap labor are equal important maybe a political idea for political party's...

japan computer culture utopia and schools 

How would a country be whioute a central school system would it be less nationalistic and end uip like a more cimunatarian or libertarian state since propaganda and histrory would not be give too small kids (math read and write would be tacked by all schools anyway just look at the free organized based schools in middle east or cerain oghrnazied businessman in golden triangle some say that hisstory are just happenings organized to benefits some interests/group/point of wiew or what do you think ?

some think that manga have the same influence on Japanese computer culture that cyberpunk have on American computer culture be will it be any difference maybe that political system will be more singapore style the libertarian (the state are ogranzeid more that way in most of the comics ) or maybe as anarchio anarchism just think abut the teams that Asian computer gamers organize ther troops.. But it looks like both will systems will be outside the UN and a minimum if military and be neutral ok maybe the Japanese version will not have a armay at all or more a hackers squad then troops and that the state will Owen/regulate/control the r&d on genetics and robotic and AI (just like western now make a independent autonomous control of media so no big company's can Owen it or control it any comments?

Friday, September 26, 2003


Do style relay matters for weblogers ? Or is the content if it did not matter do you feel any difference between this and this eh can foks that have linked to my weblog email me ? So i get to know i i mean added some new features that bloggers made posibel never thuget abut wwf and worldwatch this way before is weblogs chilichs is it just a bucnh of trollers and flame war foks from usenet that have made ther owen small elite ?

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Spam shit and murder  

nyfikje at ziplip dot .com got to much spam shit to write it the normal way why don't the stander organization of the internet or webloggers make a tag that make it impossible to sue the email dres too spammers? The killer in Sweden was the wrong man so her lost all his friends (because the tabloid wrote all abut his life ) so now he going to sue the police and newspaper for some million dollars maybe that's a idea for slackers get in custody for murder one famous man and then get reales? wonder what he will do after move to north Sweden nobody lives there anyway move too Caribbean ? What would you have done if you had to move away from your region could not move to the nhibouering country's and no frinds anymore but had 1milions pound to spend to get a new life

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

political partys have moved ther pricnpiel statmens over too polls (take the stand of what ther demographic gruop thinmk are moste populare just like tv ) so what are the point of nation state citizenship and prinicpel of paying taxes for coomon good ?(common good nowdays are intrest gruop internaional treatys and moste poopulare opion ) do discussen insied that party moved to blogs ?
just like academic disucssen moved to newsgruops
have iraq been the place wher you just get corect info if you know abut weblogs ?
political partys have moved ther pricnpiel statmens over too polls (take the stand of what ther demographic gruop thinmk are moste populare just like tv ) so what are the point of nation state citizenship and prinicpel of paying taxes for coomon good ?(common good nowdays are intrest gruop internaional treatys and moste poopulare opion ) do discussen insied that party moved to blogs ?
just like academic disucssen moved to newsgruops
have iraq been the place wher you just get corect info if you know abut weblogs ?

Strange that Americans think fat food are ok but not smoking maybe because its harder too sue smoker personals in the land of free and opportunely then malls/banks/airlines anybody have any comment on this ?

goggle< WILL IT BE AS POWERFULL AS MURDOCH AND USE ITS power the same way or end up like hotbot was cool now its just a bad portal for europen lycos stuff (both murdoch and goggel are private companys... maybe foks should do something
and not just watch TV wonder how many started to backpack ? Or greyhound because of that ?
or starred there Owen small projects in the evening then watch TV ?
was at cooffeshop bugth capocino (wonder if 2 capocino are the same as 1 redbull?) just scarming kids ther so just read tabloid newspaper that said that the moste famuse slacker in this p+lace could not print his book becuse of sex and drugs (doubt that would happen in hollabnd or germany ) mayeb it was justa spin since it 34 days before it get printed this place wakjed to the libary used its sloow computer ther read bussnisn newspaper since the other papers you know what the comments will say (left wing rhigt wing or pol├ąpot shiot ) scanned the chape old books that was on sales ther (usely just poor ppl or alcholic who buy them you can get 10 books for 3 dollars ) strnagae libary are supoes to colect books not just be a place wher lazy authers can say they got sell the books and then give them away too poor ppl after 10 years... intreasting books like technlical info abut couler tv and computer scurety printed 1990 ..

Friday, September 19, 2003

portland are taking the best of both world ruled by green part and the net are libertarian
why have not wiki get more annteion then blogspot since its better written things on it and not as noise as blogers and uesly much better informed auhuers? will it after 5 yeasr be a new kind of html ? in war and love you can do what you want -- will weblogs soon end up like usenet ? littel intresting story just like the hedline would be if anybopdy changed this gameboy too a hacker tool you can alredy fix phone lines in canada whit nintendos gameboy.,. sombody that as as much hype as kevin kelly ruchof think that next hype for wifi will end up as all other top dowen thing g3 and infomaion super higeway do you think so to ?
looks like recored indusrty have made some spin wonder if anybody else then grandmotrher belive in it ?
actyuly a funny artickl abut swinger maybe even get more readers :) why dont computer bloger do fisking of pressrealse ? most of the bad comnputer weblogs are just a links to PR wher its add oh so cool or waitng for that long any commnet you want to mail me ? do adulet sites also run the test eh bed for weblogs like they do for internet comercials ?

Thursday, September 18, 2003

america today

amarica admit that ther dream dont work by the owen eh dreamers when will they admit the other thing or will they blame other any commnet?
iran satr to looks like cuba even its totaly difrent regimes rekigion are usely rhiggt wing not left wing
will this harm or gain the gruop of the willings?

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

willl the countrysside just be like that in a libertaraian place?just for eh special intrest loners and artist or a place for difrent kind of orgnaized gruop of outsiders will foks start to squad forests just like they squat buildings ? why do amarican keep build higways when it not help ?or try to stop imigraion
bush vs gore was suposed to have this link
the email adres on rhigt side are outdate hers the new nyfikje@ziplip.com so now you can just send comments to me :)
what will happen whit the pafiici island when they drowen will they move to Australia? Make there Owen city in the middle of the desert ? ejust take nigger work in western city's or make there Owen jobs it was said that it was good for the pafic island that they got afghan immigrants Australia did not want because they started to get lazy ? Is it any proof that a clan of refugees use new technology when there old job's get updated (think pdas and internet ) it have been ideas that pafic island can be the new Caribbean island if they use internet and crypted servers some chief even was in talk whit American's libertarian tioo make there paradise true on a island but the talks failed the Hong or what it was called in Laos just did go to USA when they lost the was and had joi9nd forces whit air America will they just build artificial islands like objetvists and crypto libertain are dreaming abut ?

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